World Labor Day 2018

World Labor Day 2017
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We celebrate different days throughout the year but the one which needs us to show love, care, and compassions rather than celebrating is World Labor Day. This is the day when we show our respect and care towards the people who work so hard and everyday so that we can... more →
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Labor Day in India 2018

Labor Day in India
India is the second biggest country in terms of population and no wonder there is a huge force of laborers working every day in the country to earn their livelihood. Though being the biggest democracy in the world, India has been a disappointment when it comes to acknowledgment of human rights and especially when it comes to matters... more →
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History of Labor Day

History of Labor Day.
Every event that we celebrate has some interesting history behind it. Being directly related to the important humans around us who work day and night and play their role for the wealth, betterment, and empowerment of the society, history of Labor Day is quite interesting as well. Though we cannot deny that laborer is the less paid... more →
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