Eid Mubarak Meaning 2017

Being a Muslim, all of us love celebrating the event of Eid but sadly, there are very few people who know and understand the Eid Mubarak Meaning and the true spirit of this huge Islamic Event. Muslims celebrate Eid two times in a year. The first one is celebrated after the month of Ramadan when Muslims are done fasting for 29 to 30 days. The second one is celebrated in the month of pilgrimage and sacrifice animals to remember the sacrifice made my Abraham peace be upon him. When I said that not many Muslims understand the meaning of this event, it did not mean the meaning of the words. But in fact, I meant the spirit and main mission of celebrating this event. So, I am now going to tell you that.

True Eid Mubarak Meaning 2017.

The true meanings and the spirit of this event is fulfilled when Muslims not only celebrate themselves but also involve the poor and deprived ones in their happiness as well. This is all about sharing the happiness, food, and things with the ones who are poor and there are hardly any happiness in their life. When you help poor and deserving people around you, it is the time when the meanings of this event are fulfilled. So, don’t forget the people are poor and need your help. Share equal amount of money, share clothes as you buy for your children, and the feeling you you will feel that moment will be one from heaven.

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