Eid Mubarak SMS in Urdu 2017

Here you are to say Eid Mubarak to your family and relatives by sending them SMS in Urdu by wishing them your greetings about Eid Mubarak. On this most beautiful event you are the most lucky person on the planet to celebrate the Eid and start sending your family and relatives the best Eid Mubarak SMS in Urdu. Eid after spending Holy month of Ramadan in prayers and fasting. Rituals and customs are observed according with Eid celebrations. As quickly because the moon for 1st Shawal sights, Muslims all over the world rush to their beloved ones to wish Eid Mubarak. Families, buddies, and different fellow Muslims makes themselves busy in sending Eid SMS in Urdu to everyone all around the world.

So on this event, here  are some of the Urdu Eid SMS. In this Eid Mubarak SMS Collection, we includes urdu eid sms , roman urdu eid sms, urdu eid messages, urdu eid mubarak sms, free urdu eid sms, Latest Eid SMS in Urdu, and Eid Mubarak SMS in Urdu. Hope you will enjoy our eid sms collection in Urdu.

  1. Happy Chand Raat
    Chand nikla To Me Logon Se
    Lippat Lippat k Roya,
    Gham k Aansoo Thy jo Khushiyon k Bahany Nikly.
    Happy Chand Mubarak.
  1. Mera Chand Tum Ho
    Tumharii Jaan Meri Jaan Tum He Hou
    Log Dekhain Eid kah ChaNd
    Mera ChaNd Tmhe Hou
    Wishing A Very Happy Eid Mubarik.
  1. Dost Is Eid Per
    Apne Kia Socha SMS Nai Aayega..
    Socha Yeh Dost Aapko Yunhi Bhool Jayega..
    Yeh To Adat Hai Hamari Sataney Ki..
    Warna iTna Piyara Dost EiD Par Kon
    Bhulana Chahay ga
    —EiD MubaraK—

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