Good Friday Messages for Lovers 2019

Good Friday bring the message of eternal love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and God to people. Both man and woman send each other blessed messages which bring a sense of joining together in faith on Jesus Christ. It is important for strengthening your relationship with other to share your thoughts wand wishes. You can use any mode of communication including written or online method. Tomorrow is 14th April and it is the day when we are about to celebrate the love of Jesus. For Christians, it is a very important religious event and that is why those who believe in Jesus try their best to celebrate it with full spirit. This is the day when Christians and all those who share the love of Christ remember his crucifixion. In this article, we are going to share some messages which you will want to send to your Christian loved ones on this day and share the love of Jesus. You will also read a lot about this day as well. Here are few messages that you can send to your love.

Good Friday Text Messages.

  • “ On Holy Friday, I pray to Lord to always shower His blessing and love on you. May your life is brightened with hope and happiness. Happy Good Friday my love. God bless you always”.

These simple words can bring the feeling that you are really concerned about the spiritual growth of your love and He/She knows that the day can bring happiness through a strong faith in Jesus Christ.

  • “ I pray from deep of my heart that this holy day brings prosperity and peace to your life. May you are always protected from danger. Wishing you blessed Happy Good Friday my darling”.

Good Friday Wish Messages.

Very few people are aware that Good Friday can bring prosperity in their life. The prosperity of spiritual, emotional, and physical life is the sign of God’s blessings. Good Friday, on one hand, gives us the message to grow in faith, it also helps us to live a Godly life and receives protection and prosperity of God.

  • “ Praying to Lord is opening up your heart to him. Let us pray to Lord on this auspicious day and ask for his love and blessings. Warm wishes on Holy Friday to the love of my life”.

Above prayer bring a new wish of opening heart which is the bold and very sincere step of concern if your love is still in the sinful life and has not repented from sins. Asking for the love and mercy of God is very important even through wishing a person.

  • “ Today is the day when Jesus drew the sinful expectations unto himself. Let us thank Him and pray to Him for giving us a strength to live a sinless life. Happy Good Friday my sweetheart.

The prayer tells us the reality of the day that Jesus Christ took our sinful expectation on Him. In this wish, the person has prayed about the strength from God for all the lofe that is yet to live.

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