Good Friday Prayers 2019

The Church worships and prays to God on the blessed day of Good Friday. The heart and eyes filled with sorrow and thanksgiving speak the words of truth for reaching out to God with a humble heart. The prayers of Good Friday are not as traditional as it seems in the history of Church.

Prayer for Good Friday Morning Service

A writer writes his/her prayer with an open heart in such a simple way.

“Today we walk with Christ in the dark shadow of the cross knowing we have weighed him down. Our burdens crushed his shoulders. His suffering is for us. He willingly endured death. Let us trust in God alone and walk the way of the cross together. Let us move forward without fear into God’s eternal purposes.

Good Friday Prayers

He has understood that it is because of humans sins that Jesus Christ to death. His pain was the because of His sacrifice. A sacrifice of own life to cross was death with harsh treatment of opponents. He gave the advice to people to follow God’s path as it is the way of eternal life. There is no fear in walking in the path of God because there is no kind of insult in walking on His path.

Good Friday Prayer Catholic.

“Then we will never know disgrace and we will learn to praise our God who never abandoned us. In the midst of grief and despair. Let is see that without darkness nothing is birthed. Without light, nothing will blossom and flower. May we sense Easter springtime coming. Death’s dark and overwhelming night will give way to resurrection life. Let is throw off our grave clothes and all weights that hold us down. Looking and listening for signs of resurrection life. Let is take on the life of the one who raised Christ from the dead and responds to the Spirit of God who lives within us.”

Good Friday Prayers

He explains that our loving God never leaves us such as a mother never leaves an infant. He highlights the grief of the day by remembering the cross which seems as darkness but it actually was light because it was God’s plan. The light of the cross is Jesus Christ and His blood which shed on the cross. It is very important to walk with Christ to not to live the same life as we have lived though out our life. Recognizing The worth of Jesus’s sacrifice is only possible if we come near Him with the open heart.

So, these were some of the prayers in reference to the Holy Bible which you can say as your Good Friday Prayers 2019. Keep visiting our website for more.

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