Good Friday Wishes 2019 From Bible

People like spreading messages and wishes about religious occasions. Good Friday which has a great importance in the lives of Christians which also brings enthusiasm in every heart to wish other about the day. Everyone sends Good Friday Wishes to family, friends, and relatives to share the spirit of oneness in Christ. Here is a number of Good Friday wishes From Bible that you can send to another person.

Good Friday Wishes

Good Friday Wishes Messages.

Remembering the sorrow and pain of Jesus Christ, a writer has written the words from his heart. He died on the cross. What a pitiful scenario!

It because we are sinful and bad. Repent and be thankful.

God will be happy if we do.

These lines describe the mercy of God which He showed through sending Jesus and sacrificing Jesus for the sins of Humans. He/she has also given advice about repenting because there is no use of going to church and worshiping God in case we are still in the wrong and sinful ways.

Another writer speaks of the love of God in such a way.

Love is the reason why He has given His son to us.

Love is the reason for Christ’s death.

Love is the reason why we are still alive.

Celebrate the blessing of love!

Good Friday Wishes From Bible.

These lines describe the theme of love which is written in the Holy Bible about God and Jesus Christ. God sent His only son Jesus Christ and let Him die on the cross because it was His plan. Son refers to the spiritual son of God who spread the word of God with the guidance of Holy Spirit which was present in Him. It is the love of God which we can see in the death of Christ and it is the love for him which enables all believers to be close to God.

A writer very beautifully mentions the greatness of God.

The greatness of the Lord is once again proved!

He died will be alive again so soon.

Be prepared for His coming soon!

In these lines, the writer relates the act of sacrifice of Jesus Christ with the greatness of God who planed about the salvation and forgiveness of everyone as Jesus showed the right way. He also mentions the second coming of Christ which is promised in the written Word of God; the Bible. He gives advice about preparing oneself for the day of judgment which would be the second coming of Christ.

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