Good Friday Wishes 2019 For You

Good Friday is the remembrance of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ for all who believes in Jesus Christ. Christians involve themselves in fasting and processions on the holy day of Good Friday. Good Friday is considered the anniversary of the suffering of Jesus Christ as He laid the sins of man upon Him and led to the eternal plan of God for Him. It shows the fulfillment of prophecies of all the prophets who prophesied about Jesus that he will bear the pain and raise from dead. The reason this Friday is called Good Friday is that it is the day which first brings the memory of crucifixion but also shows the hope which was fulfilled after two days of good Friday. Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead and brought a joy on the faces who thought that they have lost the hope. The victory of death is not a normal thing. A prophet who is a Man of God can only do it with the help of God’s blessing. Good Friday has the same importance as they day of the Easter as ignoring one part cannot tell what is the other part. Suffering, death, and resurrection are included in the message of Good Friday. At the day, all Christians prepare themselves for congregational prayer and open their hearts for connecting with the Lord who gave His life for them. They thank the God who has shown His mercy upon mankind by sending Jesus Christ who is the way of life for mean who believes on Him. The Holy day of Good Friday brings all the Christians to one place with one mind, heart, and soul for remembering the event that took place two thousand years back.

Some Good Friday Wishes For You.

  • His life still give us hope, may you live in his unchanging love, may Jesus who was born in a Manger be born again in your heart.
  • Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus, the unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice. He took out guilt and blame upon Himself. He bore all our silence. He held us, dear so we could be with him in Paradise.
  • He showed us the way. He has long been resurrected and yet in our hearts, his name shines on….Wish you a Holy Friday.

Christians wishes each other Good Friday to energize themselves with the truth of their faith and love which show that the day actually brings blessings upon all beliefs.


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