Islamic Friday SMS for Friends 2019

Islamic Friday plays a very important role in Islam as Muslims hold a congregational prayer at the noon of each Friday for worshiping God. Worships gather and offer the communal prayers as it is considered that prayer with congregation gives more fulfillments those non-congregational prayers. People show more enthusiasm and practice in Islamic Friday Prayer. Even the Quran which is the Holy book for Muslims shows Friday as the day where Allah grants special compassion on people and high level of rewards are granted. Leaving trade and proceeding for Allah for requesting for own and others lives are highlighted on different points of Islamic history.

Charity on Friday is assumed to bring more reward than any other day of the week. The day has also impacted over Muslims because many verses in Quran directly relate with the blessing of the day such as one who dies on Friday will be protected of the trail of the grave. Listening to the lecture that empowers the minds with valuable knowledge and then offering prayers bring a sense of brotherhood in all who gathers for Friday Prayer.  It carries a superior value by God. The tradition of giving so much importance to Friday for a commitment of faith started with the Prophet Muhammad who brought Islam in the Arab region. It is obligatory for every man to fulfill his duty of gathering for worshiping God on the day of Friday. The instruction of prayers involves that every Muslim believer must not neglect the day because of official or personal work. When people would ignore considering it the priority they would show that they do not want to walk on the right path. A person can pray following prayers at the day of Islamic Friday.

Oh Allah,

Open for me the door to everything good,

And the doors to peace and security,

And the doors to health and wellness,

And the doors to Your blessings,

And the doors to patient,

And the doors to strength and perseverance,

And the doors to love and care,

And the doors to Your mercy,

And the doors to Your substance,

And the doors to knowledge,

And the doors to Your forgiveness,

And the doors to wisdom,

And the doors to heaven!


People say different prayer containing their wishes and requests which they know that only God can fulfill at His best times. It is the reason Islamic Friday has a great place in the hearts of Muslims.


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