Labor Day in India 2018

India is the second biggest country in terms of population and no wonder there is a huge force of laborers working every day in the country to earn their livelihood. Though being the biggest democracy in the world, India has been a disappointment when it comes to acknowledgment of human rights and especially when it comes to matters such as laborers. Poverty line is increasing in this region and this includes Pakistan as well. However, in the recent year, due to hard working non-governmental organizations and social media campaigns, there has been a huge improvement which we have witnessed in the last decade. Before it, the world Labor Day in India was just another holiday on which people going to offices and schools enjoyed a holiday while none would talk about the real spirit of this day. This has much improvement in the recent years fortunately.

Being one of the biggest populations, India also has the biggest labor in the world and this is something which makes it one of the countries who should acknowledge the most of their contribution to the betterment of society. Laborers have always played a huge role in taking our society to a place where it is now and that is on May 1st, we celebrate this World Labor Day where we appreciate the efforts made by them. Just like the International Labor Day which is also observed on the same day, Indians have been making efforts through different ways so that they can bring awareness among the people. Laborers are an important aspect of the society and if they are denied or deprived, we may fall apart very soon and we will be the ones responsible for it.

Labor Day Celebrations in India.

The Labor Day is celebrated as the day for protests not only in India but around the world. This is when the working men and women participate in processions to defend their rights and safeguard their interests. Various labor organizations and trade unions come up with their processions so that the economic reforms they’ve proposed become effective in a short period of time. Other than processions, you’ll find contests being organized for children to participate and understand the bond of togetherness. This way the children can understand the strength of unity which is the essence of the processions that are a part of the Labor Day celebrations.

In addition to processions, there are public speeches held by leaders of various political parties in order to celebrate May Day. This is the day when Maharashtra and Gujarat attained statehood in 1960 once the old Bombay State was divided on the basis of language. Hence, the May Day is celebrated as the Maharashtra and Gujarat in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat respectively. The Labor Day is a special occasion when people worldwide celebrate the true spirit of the working class. It’s the day when workers get together and showcase their strength which indicates how effectively they can struggle to bring in positive reforms for the working class of the society.

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