Orangemen’s Day 12th July Belfast 2018

Orangemen’s Day or The Twelfth is an event celebrated by Protestant Christians in memory of the great victory of Protestant King William of Orange over the Catholic King James II. This victory was a result of the Battle of the Boyne which was fought between these two Christians Kings. The battle has great historical significance due to many reasons. One of the reasons for this battle being so historically important is this war being the last battle between the two main Christian sides and after that, there are not any bigger battles recorded in the history. Secondly, the Protestant Christian got their Protestant Ascendancy in the Ireland and that is why all the biggest parades or Orange Walks which you see in the marching season are mainly from Ireland. Today, we are about to talk on different events of Orangemen’s Day 12 July Belfast 2018.

Orangemen’s Day 12th July Parades 2017

Belfast is the capital city of the Northern Ireland which is known for its many famous things. It is the second largest city of Ireland and the largest city in Northern Ireland. If we talk about economical and industrial importance of this city, there is no denying that this city has great importance. One of the top products which get from the industry in Belfast is Tobacco, ropes, and ships. Talking about ships, one of the biggest wonders of the world which sank in the sea was built in Belfast named RMS Titanic and of course, everybody knows about it. This ship was developed by Harland and Wolff. The city played a great part and in fact, this is the major reason behind the industrial revolution in Ireland. According to the statistics of 2015, Belfast had a population of 333,871. 1888 was the year when this city was granted the status of one.

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Orangemen’s Day 12th July Belfast 2018 Parades and Celebrations:

Just like rest of the Ireland, the Orange Walks for the Orangemen’s Day are taken out with high spirit and being the capital of Northern Ireland, this city has the record for the biggest numbers in these Orange Walks. For those who don’t know what Orange Walks are, they should know that Orange Walks are parades carried out in different parts of the world by Protestant Christians. Just like every other year, marches will be held on Orangemen’s Day 12 July Belfast 2018 and even bigger number of people are expected to attend the marches. Since the marching season has already started in the month of April, that is why we have seen some good number of people carrying them out.

As for the number recorded at last year’s marches, Thousands of Orange Order members have taken part in parades across Northern Ireland. The 12th of July parades mark the 326th anniversary of King William III’s victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. A total of 18 demonstrations were held in towns and cities. Northern Ireland’s first and deputy minister and justice minister appealed for calm ahead of the parades.

Orange Walks in Belfast.

Well, we are quite done with talking about this event, its history, and of course the events which are held. In this article, we particularly dealt with all the events which are held in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. However, there is still a lot which you would want to know about the Orange Walks and their history. We are going to talk about some of the walks which are going to held in this marching season and also about the arrangements which are made to make these walks possible and peaceful. So let us tell you more about them now.

The walks are expected to be peaceful since most the population here is Protestant and also, being a democratic state, which ensures that all the followers can follow their faiths freely, is a no threat. The walks this year are expected to be even longer and also more number of people are going to take part in them. Details of the route are currently being negotiated, but organizers insist care will be taken to respect any services taking place in churches. If we have a look at the past parades which took place in the country, we get quite a good report since almost all of the walks were peaceful and there were no riots reported. Now listed below are some of the lines or highlights when the marching season was happening last year.

Orangemen’s Day 12th July Belfast 2018 Related News and Updates:

For this year’s event, organizers say that efforts are being made to minimize disruption to the public during the parade, which could expect to see thousands more spectators coming out to observe. Furthermore, lodge officials insist that should the march pass churches hosting services the band members will be instructed to stop playing. The march, assembled by the County Grand Lodge of Central Scotland, tours the 14 districts in the area to ensure one consolidated march takes place each year. A stand-off developed at Ardoyne between around 200 loyalists and republicans after a Twelfth of July parade earlier passed without incident.

Riot police moved in among members of the republican crowd. The road was later reopened and the police operation stepped down. Flash point Orange Order parades marking the Twelfth across Belfast had passed off virtually without incident. However, several families near the staunchly loyalist Shankill Road were left facing homelessness after their properties were burned beside an Eleventh Night bonfire marking the start of festivities last night. During recent Twelfths, police have come under attack at a temporary barrier on the Woodvale Road as they prevented three Orange lodges and their supporters from reaching Ardoyne.

So these were some of the related news and updates related to the event. We have covered many things related to the Orange Walks and parades which will be happening in the city of Northern Ireland, Belfast. I hope that you must have liked this article. Orangemen’s Day main event is celebrated on 12th July. In order to get latest news and updates on the event, keep visiting our website.

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