Orangemen’s Day 12th July Parades 2018

Orangemen’s Day, also goes by the name ‘The Twelfth, is an event celebrated by Protestant Christians in memory of the great victory of King William of Orange against the Catholic King James II. This day is celebrated on July 12th of every year and just like every day, it will be celebrated as Orangemen’s Day 2018 as well. The common way of celebrating the event are the parades which are held by Orange Order in different parts of the world. This practice is most common in Northern Ireland where this event is celebrated with full spirit. In this article, we are mostly going to about these Orangemen’s Day 12th July Parades 2018. Also, we will give you a brief account on the history of these parades and why they are being carried out on this day. So without any further, begin with the history of these parades.

History of Orangemen’s Day Parades.

Whenever there are two sides at same place with different ideologies and believes, we have seen wars happening between them. The story and history of Catholic and Protestants, the two main sects in Christianity, is no different from the rest of the world. Let us give you some insight on what really happened on July 12 1690.

Well, these are the days when Catholic King James II and Protestant King William of Orange were fighting the last of wars between the two sides. These are the last wars which are fought in the Christian history between the Catholic and Protestant Christians. The King James II was from Scotland and Catholic and this is the reason why this event is not celebrated among the Catholic believers. Since the Battle of the Boyne was won by King of William of Orange and gave Protestant Ascendancy in the region a start, the Twelfth or Orangemen’s Day is celebrated. So, this was some of the history behind the events and due to which the Protestant Christians celebrate this event and the parades are being held.

To do these marches, ‘The Marching Season’ which are the months between April and August, are held. Let us now discuss more about this marching season.

Orangemen’s Day 2018 ‘The Marching Season’:

The Marching Season is the time period between the months of April and August when Orange Walks are being held all over the world. For these walks, people gather at different places and the huge crowds are seen in the parts of Ireland especially the Northern Ireland. In rest of the world, countries like Canada and England hold the coming ranks in arranging these marches. Since the event is of more importance to the people of Ireland, you will see the bigger crowds emerging from these parts. In rest of the world, you will see a lot of people forming up the crowd and taking part in these parades. The flags and bands are the essential components of these parades.

Orangemen’s Day 12th July Parades in Different Countries.

I guess we are quite clear some of the important things such as the Orangemen’s Day 12th July Parades which are also called Orange Walks. In this article, we also told you about the history of the event that how all of this started. This event was a huge power balance between the catholic and protestants and that is why the people of the faith find it compulsory to celebrate this day and show their gratitude towards. Now these parades are held in different countries around the world. As we have mentioned before that the main countries where these parades are held mainly include Canada and Ireland. There are also many parts in England where this event is celebrated with full spirit. Let us now talk separately on parades which happen in Ireland and Canada on this day.

Orange Walks in Ireland: Just like rest of the Ireland, the Orange Walks for the Orangemen’s Day are taken out with high spirit and being the capital of Northern Ireland, this city has the record for the biggest numbers in these Orange Walks. For those who don’t know what Orange Walks are, they should know that Orange Walks are parades carried out in different parts of the world by Protestant Christians. Just like every other year, marches will be held on Orangemen’s Day 12 July Belfast 2018  and even bigger number of people are expected to attend the marches. Since the marching season has already started in the month of April, that is why we have seen some good number of people carrying them out. So this was a little info on how the parades will look like and if you are in the same parts, make sure that you have done your preparations for the event. Let us now discuss what will be happening in Canada on the day of the event.

Orange Walks in Canada: In some parts of Canada especially cities such as Newfoundland and other communities, Orangemen’s Day celebrations are rescheduled in the winter season so that fishermen on the northeast coast do not lose money during the lucrative cod fishing season. However, even during the times of winter and when the marching season is over, the people of Newfoundland celebrate the event with high spirits and you don’t see their numbers lessening. So, these were most of the things we could discuss related to the Orangemen’s Day celebrations and parades in Newfoundland. The Battle of the Boyne in 1690 is seen as an important part of Ireland’s history and pivotal in the power balance Protestants and Catholics in Great Britain and Ireland. Orangemen’s Day is also celebrated in parts of the United Kingdom, especially in Northern Ireland. By the end of the 19th century Orangemen’s parades were commonplace in many Newfoundland communities.

So this was a detailed article on the Orangemen’s Day 12th July Parades 2018 and other events related to this one. You can leave us your feedback about this event and tell us how you feel about it. The Orangemen’s Day 12th July Parades 2018 will be carried out with the same spirit like every year. To know more about these events and stay updated, keep visiting our website.


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