Orangemen’s Day 12th July Toronto 2018

Besides Ireland, Canada is another country where Orangemen’s Day Orange Walks or Parade are carried out with maximum spirits. Well, if you are new this event and for study purposes you want to read about the event of the Twelfth or Orangemen’s Day, you will like to visit our homepage and read related articles. If you already know about this event and if you are Protestant Christian who wants to learn about different Orange Walks which are carried all across the world, you are just at the right spot. Orangemen’s Day 12th July Toronto 2018 is about to be celebrated in the month of July and that is why for people of this region, we have come up with some cool stuff such as the introduction and history of this event and once you know all about this day, it will be an amazing Orangemen’s Day 12th July Toronto 2018 for you.

Why Orangemen’s Day is celebrated?

Any event which is celebrated in the world has some history behind it and so does Orangemen’s Day which is also termed as ‘The Twelfth’. Let us now discuss some of the history behind this event so that you may very well know the reason behind the celebrations.

Orangemen’s Day is basically celebrated in the memory of the Battle of the Boyne in which Protestant King William of Orange defeated the Catholic King James II of Scotland. Before these events, Protestant Christian did not have much power over the region and thus, this war proved to be the reason for Protestant Ascendancy in the Ireland. On July 12th, you see that Irish are the ones who do Orange Walks or Parades in a bigger number all across the world. On the number second, come the Canadian people who celebrate this event the most. Toronto being one of the biggest cities of the country, will celebrate Orangemen’s Day 12th July Toronto 2018 just like every year.

Events of Orangemen’s Day 12th July Toronto 2018:

Orangemen’s Day is generally celebrated by people with a Protestant Irish or Scottish background, particularly those who support the Orange Order. In some areas of Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario, particularly Toronto, parades are organized by Lodges of the Orange Order. During these parades, members of the lodges and their families march along a pre-arranged route carrying banners showing the name of the lodge and symbols associated with the Orange Order. Marching bands often accompany the parades. After the parades, the lodges may organize family celebrations, known as “Times”, which include picnics, communal meals or dancing. Many parades are held on a Saturday close to July 12, but in areas where many people work in the cod fishing industry, Orangemen’s Day events may be held during the winter.

Life on Orangemen’s Day 12th July Toronto and Historical Importance.

Whenever an event is happening somewhere in the world, the daily life and the works on the institutes definitely gets disturbed. On this important event of Orangemen’s Day 12th July Toronto 2018, it is quite evident that all the work places and other institutes will not be working. Police and other management institutes will be making sure that all the walks are carries out peacefully just like it happens in every marching season. So let us have a look at what is happening in Toronto in this marching season and what is the historical importance of these walks for the city.

Daily Life: The Monday closest to July 12 is a provincial holiday in Toronto and in other parts of the Canada as well. Provincial offices and some businesses and organizations may be closed or offer a limited service but post offices and many stores are open and public transport services operate to their usual schedules. There may be some local disruption to traffic around parades. Orangemen’s Day is not a public holiday in other parts of Canada. The symbol which main represents the event for centuries is the orange color. You will see people holding orange flags, wearing orange dresses and everything is worn in orange. That is one of the reason why these walks are also called Orange Walks. In the marching season, Police work their best to make sure that the event passes peacefully and all the people are safe. They also make sure that no riots happen and that is why they clear the streets of the city for the parades and people participating in these parades.

Orange Walks in Toronto History: Orangemen’s Day or The Twelfth is an event celebrated by Protestant Christians in memory of the great victory of Protestant King William of Orange over the Catholic King James II. This victory was a result of the Battle of the Boyne which was fought between these two Christians Kings. The battle has great historical significance due to many reasons. One of the reasons for this battle being so historically important is this war being the last battle between the two main Christian sides and after that, there are not any bigger battles recorded in the history. Secondly, the Protestant Christian got their Protestant Ascendancy in the Ireland and that is why all the biggest parades or Orange Walks.

In some Toronto communities, Orangemen’s Day celebrations are rescheduled in the winter season so that fishermen on the northeast coast do not lose money during the lucrative cod fishing season. However, even during the times of winter and when the marching season is over, the people of Newfoundland celebrate the event with high spirits and you don’t see their numbers lessening. So, these were most of the things we could discuss related to the Orangemen’s Day celebrations and parades in Toronto. Now if you are want to be a part of these parades being a protestant, you know everything about them.

So, this is what most people do on this day and this is most probably the celebration will look like on Orangemen’s Day 12th July Toronto 2018. To get latest news and updates on the event of Orangemen’s Day and many others, keep visiting our website.

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