The Twelfth or Orangemen’s Day 2018

One thing is for sure that you cannot separate religion from men. Look wherever in the world you want to and you will see people of different believes and how they celebrate their religious practices. Christianity is the most followed religion in the world and it is divided into two basic sects i.e. Catholic and Protestants. Well, we might discuss the difference between these two in another article but here, we are about to talk about one of the events which the latter sect celebrate. This event is called ‘The Twelfth or Orangemen’s Day’. Orangemen’s Day is an event celebrated by Protestants in order to celebrate the revolutionary victory by King William or Orange. This victory was against Catholic King James II and the battle was the great Battle of Boyne. In this article we are about to discuss this event and also event of Orangemen’s Day 2018.

Between these two sects in Christianity Catholic and Protestant, due to ideological difference, the Kings had to fight many wars and the history is full of them. One of the battles which is remembered and celebrated is the Battle of the Boyne. This is the battle due to which Protestant Christians rose as a bigger community and since the battle was fought in Ireland by King William of Orange and Catholic King James, due to the victory of King William, the protestant religion started spreading fast after that. And that is one of the reasons why this event is celebrated by Protestant Christians all over the world and mostly in Ireland. In other parts of the world, it is celebrated at some places where Protestants are in majority and due to the good democratic laws, every protestant is allowed to celebrate this just like other religious events.

Origin of Orangemen’s Day 2018:

The Twelfth or Orangemen’s Day is a custom which is now being celebrated for centuries after victory of King William of Orange. This is one of the battles which is still remembered due to its great historical importance. In catholic circles, it is not seen as a shining event since they were on the defeated side however, for Protestants, this is an event of great pride and honor. In this article, we are about to discuss many things such as the origin and other events which are being celebrated as reference to this one such as Birthday of William and the anniversary of the rebellion of 1641. Every historical event has some complex events behind it and views on them differ according to the historians and which side they prefer and their prejudice however, we are trying to present the most honest of opinions here.

The Orangemen’s Day wasn’t celebrated right after the few years of the great victory. However, as Protestants continued their dominance in the Ireland and many battles continued their winning streak, this event became a practice later in the 17th century. As for the historical importance, it should be kept in mind that the celebration of the event of ‘The Twelfth’ actually started after the Protestants won the Battle of Aughrim. The date on which this battle took place is 12th July 1691. All the battles which King William fought against the Catholic rule, this was the decisive one and after this battle, the Catholic root were completely destroyed and the stable era of Protestant rule started. This is the reason why the people started celebrated the event after this battle. There are many events which are celebrated all over the world related to Orangemen’s day.

Main and Related Events of Orangemen’s Day 2018:

Here are some of the top events which are celebrated and will be celebrated this year as well on Orangemen’s Day 2018.

Eleventh Night: As we understand that the Twelfth Night is the one on which the main event happened, the Eleventh Night is also celebrated mainly in Ireland where the followers of the same faith lit up the towers with bonfires. This presents a beautiful sight however, not all Protestants celebrate this event since it has less importance and just a warm-up for the main event. The Catholic on the other hand, completely avoid this event for the reasons which we have already discussed in the origin and introduction of the event. Many people don’t do these bonfires because of the moral reasons such as the pollution of the environment and they are connected to the ideas of hatred and racism among humans.

Lead-up to the Twelfth: Just like the main parades which are being held at the day of main event, different parades are held all across the country and mainly in the areas of Northern Ireland where it is a custom being celebrated for years. The most common and followed one is the ‘Lodge Parade’. Different flags are being hovered all across the places of the followers mainly unionist areas and others. After following these two events, there comes the main event which is discussed below.

Main Events: The major components of the main event are the bands and large groups of people parading which starts originally from the Orange Hall and from there, it reaches roads and streets throughout the country. The places where Protestants are not in majority, they don’t arrange such large parades and keep themselves to the smaller practices. The best moments of this main event can be witnessed in the Northern Ireland where the groups are so bigger holding flags and music being played by bands. The Orangemen hire these bands to march with them on the Twelfth. The bands have a reputation as being less respectable than the Orangemen, although they are seen by many as serving the useful purpose of keeping young men from working class areas out of trouble. All of them rejoice and feel happiness for the great victory of King William of Orange hence celebrating Orangemen’s Day

So, this was all from this great Protestant event Orangemen’s Day 2018. To get more news and updates on the event, keep visiting our website and learn more of the amazing stuff you want to know.

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