World Earth Day 2018 UK

Just like the rest of the world, world earth day is also celebrated with full spirit in the United Kingdom. In fact, people of Britain are known to be more active in taking part in such events. If we have a look at the environment of the country and its different cities, we see that people there emphasize mainly on the cleanliness and preservation of the environment. That is why these are the people who stay in the top ranks to celebrate World Earth day. As this event for the year 2018 is drawing nearer, you will see people of England starting preparation to celebrate this event. In this article, we have got some important info on World Earth Day 2018 UK.

The United Kingdom got involved for the first time in 2008, the same year the country set targets to reduce its emissions. This year, the UK government has yet to announce its Emissions Reduction Plan, which is due to be released around Earth Hour, but it is hoped that a show of public support will encourage the government to take the issue of climate change seriously. Due to the steps taken by the government here, it is one of the cleanest countries and that is why events like these are celebrated in full spirit.

World Earth Day Date:

Well, while we are all celebrate this day for our mother earth and that is why the people have got to be on one page about the celebration date of the event. There may have been different dates in the past but that is not true now. Now the world whether it is the European, American, or third world, all of them will celebrate World Earth Day 2018 on 22nd April and this is decided.

Also, the World Earth Day 2018 UK is going to be on the same date since the world is one the same page about the date of the event. It is important because we are all humans and equally important people of the society. It wouldn’t certainly give out the right message if we do not celebrate this event on the same date all across the world. So, it is now your duty to celebrate this day along with your fellow humans and show your love for the mother earth.

What to do on World Earth Day 2018 UK?

Most people, when they hear about this event, they start wondering what to do. As for kids, they can paint themselves in green in order to present themselves as a theme of the event. However, it is even more important for the adults to work for the awareness of this event and tell kids more about it. The more we will work on the awareness of this, the more it will spread. Another good idea for the youth will be to even spread this message out in the places such as slums as well so they can contribute to this day.

So, this was a little you needed to know about World Earth Day UK 2018. If you are in England or the parts around, get ready to celebrate people among them.


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  1. Maria tannorelka says:

    is not true, in England, especially in London they care about appearence, shopping not about nature, there is r ubbish and plastic everywhere, no water in the park and a lot of POLLUTION in tge air, water and ground.

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