World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2017

Old people such as our parents and other are an asset to our society. Unfortunately, there are many homes where these jewels are mistreated and this comes in the matters of elder abuse. Now just like child and other human abuse is condemned and questionable, the civil society is also working on the matter of raising awareness among people against the elder abuse and for this event, the day which is being is 15th June. Just like every other year and event, this event will also be celebrated on the day and that is why I decided to come up with this article so that we can play our part in this cause as well. Now why is this thing so important? In this article, we are going to discuss different affects which elder people face as a result of elder abuse and that is why it is needed to be fought. Let us now discuss this in detail.

world elder abuse awareness day 2017


Consequences of Elder Abuse:

Elder abuse may not be same as the child or other human abuse. It may not involve direct physical force or violence which would affect the health and wellbeing of these elders. Instead, it includes all those careless behavior and mistreatment of these people which leads them to bad health. For instance, if children are not taking care of their parents in terms of food and medicine which they need, this comes in the terms of elder abuse. Also, taking physical work or effort from them in this age or putting them to violent treatment also comes in this grave elder abuse thing and of course, we as human beings, cannot let that happen. Let us now move on to discuss even more important thing which is to discuss the ideas and ways with which we can stop this thing.

How to work on World Elder Abuse Day?

Whether you are working in a school, office or any other public sector, it is important that you arrange different public speaking events or seminars where through public speaking and speech, you can tell people about this issue. Also, we can travel from home to home and since every second home has elder people in them, we will need to talk to the children of these old people about whether how they should treat their parent well. Different seminars and event are very important to be arranged so that we can raise awareness against elder abuse among the people. NGOs and other public sector should arrange different seminars and events where they can work on different seminars and this will add surely to the cause. The more ideas we can come up with to work on this day for our older generation, the better this situation will come and our society will be the one with lot of respect for our elders.

Since June 15 is drawing nearer, it is important that we take this matter into our hands even more and work more and more on World elder abuse awareness day so we can bring betterment for them.

When will be World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in 2017?

World elders abuse awareness day would be on Thursday, 15th June, 2017.

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