World Labor Day 2018

We celebrate different days throughout the year but the one which needs us to show love, care, and compassions rather than celebrating is World Labor Day. This is the day when we show our respect and care towards the people who work so hard and everyday so that we can live in comfortable houses, go for outing to different picnic spots, and such other things etc. They are labor who, for a little stipend per day, work so hard and build all these buildings for us. Now it is important for us that we help these struggling people in their daily life and raise awareness among people about it. For this purpose, the people of world has set this day of 1st May when we show our love and care for Labor. World Labor Day 2018 is also going to be celebrated on the same day which is May 1st, Monday. Let us now discuss some important things related to this event.

World Labor Day 2017

What to do on World Labor Day 2018?

Unlike the other days, world labor day never had some specific theme. In fact, the celebration or raising awareness on this day depends completely upon different people throughout the world. Sadly, there are many people and there is a huge majority of them who don’t even observe this day. For them, this is just another national vacation on which they rest at home away from jobs and work. But, we cannot say that these people are totally on fault because the civilized and educated society didn’t work on this things either. Unlike other days, we don’t see proper seminars and people raising awareness about this day. Unfortunately, at most places, you will still see labor working hard even on this day because they have still got to feed their children.

Now it is the responsibility of modern and civilized society especially those in governments and non-governments organizations that they should work more and more on this day. They shall arrange proper seminars in which socially active people should design different shows, speeches, and other ways of presentations so that people may become aware about the important of labor and their day. Moreover, wherever you see labor working on this day, make sure that you give them the day off and also give their stipend for the whole day so that they can bring good food to their family and feel the happiness.

International Labor Day 2018:

When people will realize, this, we will see a huge change in the society. It will then be a society where you will see people taking care of these poor people. This should not just be limited for the labor day but for 365 days of the year. If you are someone with more money, you can help them in providing education to their children so that they may change the fate of their parents. Show maximum love and care to them so that they may feel human beings as well. If you act upon these things, you are going to feel a unique happiness which I bet, you would have never felt before. Never forget that the world will be celebrating this on 1st May 2018.

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